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Folk Society History

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Welcome to the Hong Kong Folk Society. We're a friendly bunch of people meeting once a month for informal music sessions in a bar on HK island. 


We make our own music, drawing upon the folk traditions around the world.  Some are partial to Irish, others to Chinese.  Guitars aplenty, but also fiddles, mandolins, concertinas, saxophone, whistles, flutes, pipes, and that weird thing whose name I forgot.


Each has several turn to perform.  Some sing, some play.  Some do both.  It’s a fun circle, and a virtuous one that becomes better each iteration.  Relaxed, smiles and laughter go round.


We usually meet the 2nd Sunday of the month, but it varies.   Check the website of the bar we meet at, "The Canny Man," for when the next session is scheduled.


We also have a mailing list. When you meet us at a Canny Man session, just ask to be added to the mailing list.  Or contact:

The Canny Man is located in the basement of the Wharney Guang Dong Hotel on Lockhart Road in Wan Chai.  Their website is here: